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Play Classic Minecraft For Free In Your Browser!

Guide to play Minecraft classic for free:

  • You must have java installed for Minecraft classic to run!
  • A Security Warning pop-up "do you want to run this application?" TICK THE BOX "I accept the risk and want to run this application."
  • Click "generate new level..." to restart the game!
Standard Controls:
  • Left click:Destroy (sometimes left clicking will result in opening menu)
  • Right click:Use
  • Forward:W
  • Backward:S
  • Right:D
  • Left:A
  • Jump:Space
  • Build:B
Why don't you listen to "Fallen Kingdom" a great Minecraft song played in loops here:

There really is no risk in running classic Minecraft in your browser. The server is hosted by themselves!
If you want the new premium version of Minecraft for free, download a free Minecraft premium account by clicking here!

“Old is Gold,” it’s a common axiom that is used for describing the relevance of old things

Minecraft for free
However, there are very few things that deserve this axiom’s use for their description. Minecraft classic is one such game that is described by many of its players as the “golden experience of gaming.” There have been so many games that were launched since the advent of PC gaming, but few have been able to achieve the kind of popularity that Minecraft achieved amid gamers of all age groups. Despite being an old game, which hasn’t been updated regularly by its makers, this game has a cult following that still keeps it demand alive.

Specialty of Minecraft Classic

Minecraft classic
This is an open world game and gives no specific goals to the players. Therefore, every player gets enough freedom in deciding how they want to play this game. If you want there is an achievement system that is optional. You can play both in first person mode and third person mode, but the default mode is first person. In this game you play by placing and breaking blocks, which represent different materials like glass, bricks, wood, stone, dirt, water, and various ores. Therefore, by using these blocks you get the freedom to make different types of structures. This game gives a free run to your imagination.

Where to Play the Game? 

play Minecraft for free
This game is not easily available for playing on the internet. You would get access to this game at only few places. Of these places many give you the opportunity to play the demo or beta version of this game and you are left with handful of sites offering complete version. If you want to play Minecraft for free in your browser go to the top of this page. Here you would get access to this game in its pure classic form and you don’t have to go through any hassles of filling forms, doing registrations, etc. It will take a few mouse clicks and you are ready to enjoy the game.







How to Play Minecraft Classic at this Blog?

The steps for playing the classic version of Minecraft at are:
1. Open the site in your browser and click on the link “Play Classic Minecraft For Free in Your Browser,” this link is just below the “Home” link.
2. When you open new page, depending on your browser, you would be asked for permission to “run java application” on your browser. You should give the permission.
3. Next a message would tell you the risk involved with running Java application. You should choose "accept the risk and run the application" and move to next step.
4. In few seconds game would load and you are ready to play Minecraft Classic. Press “Esc” key to view he options. There you can create new levels by selecting “Generate New Level.” Click “Options” to set various options relates to audio and video features of the game. In this menu there is “Controls” where you can assign new controls to play the game. 

Minecraft Classic Official Site

classic Minecraft
The official site of this game gives you the opportunity to play this game in its entirety. However, to play the game in their official server you need to become a premium member, before you get access to this game. The best option for you is to visit the site through, because you get many benefits.

The official Minecraft Classic premium account comes at a price and you might not want to pay it. If you visit the blog you would get opportunity to open free Minecraft account. The account that you would open would have all the premium account privileges, you would have complete control over the account and it wouldn’t be a shared account, you won’t face any errors, and the account would stay your forever. Therefore, you would get the feature to play Minecraft for free at the official site, and your free Minecraft account would have all the privileges of premium account.


Like said before, there are many Minecraft classic fans who want to experience the fun of this classic game. For all those enthusiasts of this game the one-stop place on internet is this website. Here you would get all your questions answered and all your needs fulfilled, which are related to Minecraft Classic.

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