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How to Sign Up for Minecraft for Free?

Minecraft is an indie sandbox building game created by Markus Persson last May 2009. If you want to know how to play this game, you better go online and do a search for some video demonstrations that talk about how the game is played. With the popularity of this game, a lot of people are looking for ways on sign up for an account with Minecraft for free.

What is Minecraft?

The game basically consists of building anything you want by means of destroying and placing some blocks that are made of different materials. The game can be played both offline and online and you need to sign up for an account with Minecraft for free in order to be able to play. The game is a simulation of day time and night time, and at night, the monsters would appear so you have to build a safety fortress in order to keep protected, which is what makes this game interesting.

Answer Online Surveys

Minecraft is still on the stage of beta development which you can purchase for $26.95. But if you do not want to spend this amount of money, what you can do is to fill out some short surveys online. The surveys won’t take up much of your time, and as soon as you are done with it, you will be able to sign up for an account with Minecraft for free.

Single or Multiplayer Version

Just like with most games, Minecraft comes in the form of a single and multiplayer version. So as soon as you are done signing up for an account with Minecraft, you will need to choose whether you are going to play the single player or the multiplayer version. As soon as you have made a selection, you can enjoy Minecraft for free.
Minecraft is a game that anyone should try. If you do not have an account yet, then you better start looking for websites that offer online surveys in exchange for an account with Minecraft for free.

minecraft for free


Experience an Exciting Adventure With Minecraft

Minecraft is a really popular Indie game and if you haven't heard about it yet, it's time you know why it became so popular in the first place. 

There are so many games out there, both on PC and consoles but very few attain the level where gamers of all age groups enjoy playing it irrespective of its genre. Combining the best of puzzles with action and strategic planning, Minecraft is a game that will tickle your creative side of the brain every time you play. There are officially three gameplay modes available and you can choose the one that best suits your personal preferences. While you can try Minecraft for free as starters, the full version allows an enhanced multiplayer experience and the chance to interact with a huge number of players from around the globe.

minecraft adventure

How it feels to play?

The gameplay element of this indie title is based on one cubic meter sized blocks. Do you feel it's silly in an era where realistic graphics rule the roost? Then, you are completely wrong because however advanced the time is, how players interact with the world and what they get to do determines the game's interest factor. Your job is to use these cubes, build, destroy or dig them so as to extend the world as you play. Apart from the cubes, there are also various items spread across this huge world along with mobs and plants. As the name suggests, be prepared to fight for your survival when you come across an angry mob. Another interesting factor about Minecraft is that you are expected to utilize the resources available in a concise manner. Your creativity matters when it comes to creating new tools and blocks using a variety of resources found within the environment.



Creative mind? - Try this!

If you think you are a really creative person, then you should definitely give Minecraft for free a try because it is the ultimate place for every brain. Using the cubes available, you can build almost anything and everything that your imagination desires! Explore the online community and player groups to find some insane as well as attractive objects that they constructed in their own universe. Both multiplayer maps and single player maps are equally engaging because the basic gameplay is the same. But, when you go online, be prepared to face some tough competition and it is wise to choose a server where newbies come in, if you are still in the learning curve of the game.

As a player, you will face the world in first person perspective and like every other game, there's a health bar with ten hearts in it. Everything you do will have a reaction, like falling off from a cliff, getting burnt or being attacked by mobs. Make sure that you explore the map to find resources and enough food to sustain while the construction is under progress. The fact that you have to fight for your survival makes the game much more realistic and extremely addictive as players spend their entire day building structures of their choice.

Some of the common actions that every player should perform while playing Minecraft include crafting, smelting, brewing and enchanting apart from mining which is the key element of the game. As the title suggests, you main task is to mine the vast, waste land so as to extract some of the most essential resources including iron, gold, diamond among many others. Using them wisely to create new objects, build better structures and survive in this open world game is the core element. As they say, it's a title that is easy to learn but very hard to master.

Survival and Alpha are some of the popular game modes found in this title while it already offers some Mods to explore as well. While you can learn the curves with Minecraft for free, the multiplayer version is much more challenging and is designed to put your best skills to test. Competing against other players is always fun and it becomes hugely engaging when you play in custom made maps, with so much freedom unlike linear gameplay modes found in some other titles. Minecraft is an arcade game that packs all the elements including strategic planning, resource management, action and RPG elements, best for you to test your level of expertise in a virtual world.
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Yardsticks of the Minecraft Game: Important Tips

Mastering the rules and tricks of any game is the surest way to navigate to the highest score possible. 

The same is true for all sandbox games, especially for Minecraft.

After getting Minecraft for free or probably buying it for whatever amount, the next test is about your sport mastery. 
Many people lack sufficient knowledge about where, what and how to play this sandbox game to success. Generally, this hobby has no permanent conventions, no wrong ways and no right ways to proceed or to end; better is only relative. 
Here are some important guidelines.

Minecraft for free

The variety of Options

This sandbox sport is generally interesting. It allows you to do whatsoever you want, to the level of your mastery. For instance, the user may decide to create, to build, and to move safely without the intrusion and disturbance of the monsters. 

The creative mode will suit such a need. Individuals who want to play for the extra thrill; those who enjoy collecting, crafting, and building on the contest with the extra challenge of tricky monsters can go for the electrifying survival mode. 

Still, there are individuals who are surely MLG Pros, people who can crush the bones of the sport, and who can stand the test of the hardcore mode. Interestingly, the hardcore only has a single life and players perish through failure. The hardcore will be deleted immediately after death.


Prioritize a Shelter

Minecraft players enjoy the hobby more when they master unbeatable ways to survive. That is why the most important tip in the match is finding or building a shelter. For the creative mode, the shelter makes the player both invincible and indomitable. 

Yet, there are only two critical ways to establish shelters. The individual can create the shelter from wood, dirt or cobblestone; otherwise, the shelter will be created from tunnels drawn into cliffs. 
When choosing the most appropriate way to create a shelter, it is critical to consider your experience and the available time. Some shelters are usually found from the judicious use of NPC villages. 

The player can get into the village; pick a house for shelter, but with a careful lookout for testificates. The Testificates appear and disappear, and will usually subject the imprudent player to monster attacks.

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Make Charcoal or Find Coal

Surviving the first night depends on coal or charcoal availability. The fuel will be used to warm up and to light up your shelter. 
Coal can be found without much trouble because it is an ore scattered around the world. When night turns in so fast, make some charcoal with the available raw wood and furnace.

Have Some Tools

Tools will make the task of gathering resource and material supplies trouble-free. Ensure that you have a wooden pickaxe for gathering coal, iron ore and cobblestone. 
Your tools should be made of the strongest materials. Diamond is the most efficient and strongest material but hardest to find, gold is easier to gather but least efficient, while wood gives a fair bargain.

Blocking Attacks with Swords

Sometimes you will be overpowered and you will be pushed to endless decline. Yet, having a sword allows you to block attacks or to halve the probable damages from massive attacks. Never ignore the sword out of sheer overconfidence!

Dare the Monsters

Yes, the monsters can scare you lame but they should not be terribly feared. From monster attacks you can get dropped skeletons to turn into bone-meals or pet dogs. The creepers will drop gunpowder and you can use this to craft TNTs, while the rotten flesh dropped by zombies after 9 over 10 poisonings will help you to regenerate in health and to kill more monsters.

Shift to Sneak

To hold to firm blocks more steadily the sneak button, also shift button, can be used. For instance, the button will help you when around a deadly drop or during the next lava. Use this function with caution though!

The Minecraft Wiki Page

The page contains mob descriptions, crafting recipes and more useful information. The community wiki page is the place to re-check your information and stay up-to-date. Also, try to engage in the forums to learn more about this hobby.

Master the Multiplayer Rules by heart

It is sad that many players do not know the multiplayer server rules. Never ignore the rules either because they are vague or too difficult to comprehend. Read through them and abide by their commands.


Apart from these tips, many players register success by innocent learning: just playing the game, making mistakes, having fun, getting killed and starting over again. 
The hobby entertains more if you learn it through the fighting mobs, fierce monsters, and difficult corridors all alone. After getting your Minecraft for free, apply these tips and see how far you can get with your pastime.

Go to the top to download Minecraft for free!
Have fun!
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How I make Minecraft more fun

I've been playing Minecraft for about two years, and I noticed that some small things can actually help me have a lot more fun. 

minecraft for free

The truth is very many games just get me more angry than I already am.

Before going into details, I have to mention that playing less always makes it more enjoyable. If you play too much, you risk getting bored. I am not talking only about the number of hours you play each day ( that should not go over two, maybe three during weekends or holidays ), but also about the number of days you play each week. 
I play only on weekends, to relax, and not to get myself even more tired, or angry. If you feel it's time to stop but haven't finished everything you planned, don't hesitate to close the game, because there's always time another day.

What truly made Minecraft one of my all time favorites was being able to play online. 

Single player can be entertaining until a point, but I now use it just to test things and see if they're suitable for playing online.

I don't really like servers. They can be full of griefers and weird people, and the majority of the the map is full of stupid looking structures, placed in stupid locations. To avoid this, I simply like to host my own small servers and play with a few buddies. 

I've created a rule not to play unless some of my friends can also play. Most of them don't want to miss a session, so they always ask to postpone it of they aren't available, so we play together almost every time. This way I don't get pissed off by strangers, and also don't play too often.

We always set up Skype conferences, that help us communicate easier. Half of the time the only things that come out of the speakers are insults ( friendly ) and peasant jokes. This is the goldmine of fun. Without Skype I would've never laughed so much while playing Minecraft.

There are two types of matches we like to do. 

We either team up and build something amazing until we get bored of that map, or we go free for all on a hardcore difficulty and kill each other.

The first mode is more relaxing. So far we've built dozens of castles, towns, villages, and pyramids or temples, fully equipped with riddles, traps, zombies coming out of walls, treasures, and others. It usually takes about one month ( remember, only playing on weekends ) to finish one of our maps. 

We never use cheats ! We had one pyramid of 100x100 blocks made out of sandstone, all mined piece by piece ( just imagine, since one sandstone is made out of four sand blocks, only the walls of the pyramid themselves needed "4x100x100 + 4x99x99 + 4x98x98 ... 4x2x2" blocks )

The second mode is more competitive, it needs more focus and tactic. Because of the difficulty, each player has only one life ( death gets you banned off the server ), and must not only pay attention to the other players, but also to the mobs that can kill very fast. The last one that remains alive is declared the winner of the match, and and as a prize, must commit suicide in a heroic and stupid way.

If you got bored of the game, trust me, the methods above are a never-ending source of joy and happiness. You can also try to record your sessions, and share them on YouTube for everyone to see. I'm sure you've noticed how entertaining those movies can be.
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Minecraft classic is now gone ?

I don't really understand Notch on this one. 

The "Looking for Minecraft classic ?" link below the buy button redirects to a "The old classic version of the game isn't available anymore, but you can try the demo." page. Yeah, right. Why didn't he simply remove the link completely ? It is useless now anyway.

minecraft classic

What I still like to call classic in Minecraft is a type of gameplay. 
A classic Minecraft, in my words, is the survival mode, set to hardcore difficulty. I simply think that this way, the game has a meaning. Just like in real life, you only got one chance.

The first time I played this way, I died by engaging into a too complicated mob fight, in which I kinda knew I was gonna die. Seeing the damage the mobs can deal, I decided to be more careful next time. 
So, I started a new game, and dedicated about two hours of my free time, each evening, to play. I'm a deep mining rusher by nature, but this time I decided to go underground as soon as possible ( after reaching one-two stacks of wood, half a stack of cobblestone, and a few pork chops ).

After about a week of doing trips in and out ( for food ) of the mine, I finally reached full diamond armor, and decent amounts of other valuable minerals. 

I decided it was time to build something around the mine, and explore the outlands. I completed a small fortress, and went to the jungle, the place I never returned home from. A stupid tree with a missing leaf sent me down several hundred meters, killing me instantly in the game, and leaving me with a priceless face in real life. After something like this, I just simply couldn't play Minecraft classic for a couple of months.

The third time the game humiliated me I was playing online with a friend.

It was his idea to set up a hardcore server, and give it a go. He is by far a more experienced player and builder, and I knew the fun would be, just didn't knew it would be so ironic. As we were mining we've hit a colossal dungeon, so big that we were getting lost three times every hour. I was getting a little bit bored one night, and I decided to play my pal a little prank. 

We were connected on Skype, so I started telling him that mobs or lava rivers are nearby, and happily watched him jump here and there, scared. After about 15 minutes, I was mining in a closed corner, and my friend yelled "Dude, creeper ! Creepeeeer !" . I told myself "You ain't gonna get me with this one, Mike !" And kaboom ... game over. Again priceless face, plus a permanent phobia of creeper sounds coming from behind... They're just awfully scary ! 
Skype was silent for about 60 seconds, then we both almost simultaneously said "Good night", and went to bed.

Even though it's hard and annoying, I still think it is the best way to really have fun in this game. So if you're looking for Minecraft classic, there isn't such a thing anymore, at least not on the official website. Just search for older cracked versions on the web. 

Or if you want to play the new premium version of the game, I highly recommend to download Minecraft for free at our download page!
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How to Get a Premium Free Minecraft Account

Ever since Minecraft was founded in 2009 by Markus Persson, it has become quite the phenomena among gamers and sandbox style gaming enthusiasts all over the world, both old and young. 

And since it offers both single player and multiplayer opportunities, MC has only continued to skyrocket in popularity. Since its inception, there have been various different versions, but the two main and most popular official versions include the Classic mode, and the Premium mode. Both of which cost around $25 to purchase.

minecraft for free

Unfortunately, not everybody who likes this program can afford to pay the $25 required to get the full premium version. 

So they are quite often looking for ways to access Minecraft for free. 
If you are a fan of Minecraft, then you have most likely wondered what it would take to gain access to a free Minecraft account. If you are a fan of this game, then you should get very excited because there are, in fact, ways that you can gain access to a free account!

Let's preface these suggestions by stating that if you DO have the resources to purchase a Minecraft account, you should do so. It takes a lot less effort and it will be YOUR account forever, no questions asked. This game is definitely worth the investment, so if that means that you will have to save up a little bit in order to purchase it, then you should do so.

Obtaining a free account can be simple if you know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

The concept is easy to understand: there are a lot of various usernames that are stored in a database, and in this database is all of the login information for those usernames. This database is shared by a lot of people who do not or cannot pay the $25to purchase the game. All you have to do is find an account and use its password in the Minecraft login area, and then you can begin playing the it online and offline.

These accounts feature passwords that cannot be changed or modified in anyway, which means that a person cannot take personal control of an account and use it exclusively as their own. These accounts were built for the main focus of sharing it with other gaming fanatics, like you.

By gaining access to these accounts, you will not be put into any financial problems and you can use the money on another object or service that you would like to buy. 

With these premium accounts, you will have access to the full game, including the restricted areas, you will get the features of every single benefit that a normal premium account will have. Including the opportunity to play on public servers, as opposed to hacked accounts where you will only be able to play on other hacked servers.

So if you are looking to save money on Minecraft, then find an account database online today! You will save money and you will have a great time playing the game that we all know and love!

Hope you will enjoy to play Minecraft for free, you can download a premium account at our download page.
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Minecraft Hacks and Cheats

Using Minecraft hacks in a world you created is just about the most amazing thing you can do and its very possible.

It makes the game more interesting but those who are new to this may be wondering, why would you hack Minecraft and how do you even go about it?

Why Minecraft hacking is fun

Minecraft hacking may be a fun and exciting way to play the game. However, before getting into it, it is important to know why you need it. To begin with, hacking enables you to build anything you want without spending days mining for the materials required. Hacking other players' accounts essentially gives you an opportunity to enhance game play. This is often achieved by allowing you to enjoy their funnier part of the game.


For a Minecraft hacker, owning an SMP goes a long way in enabling you to enjoy greater control. Subsequently, griefing is part of this endeavor. This is the act of harming the work done by other people on a multiplayer or an SMP server. This action is highly detested by many users since it ruins many hours of labour, it can also result to the wreckage of the server.

Hacking your way to more fun

Now that you`ve got some little insight on the hacking dynamics. It is only imperative that you get into the real thing. And there are several ways to go about it. You can decide to open a cheat engine and search for values; however, that can take a considerable amount of time and could even prove unreliable. A rather easy way would be by using a cheat client. Cheat clients are usually hard to find or you may be required to pay in order to use them. Nevertheless, it is possible to find free ones in a number of friendly forums across the internet. Once you have your cheat client, the rest will be a walk in the park. This is because many cheat clients have tutorials, videos, or guidelines of some sort that take you systematically through the process.

Most popular Minecraft hacks

The most commonly used Minecraft hacks are item hacks, cube of destruction, health hacks, slow fly, free cam etc... All these and many others assist the player to carryout the specific actions. Special hacks are also available for the game extras that feature in the pro-Minecraft hack clients.

Programmers who have identified game data files and values are in a very good position to develop the hacks. They are also the ones responsible for the different kinds of hacks and cheats available. Before developing the hacks, there are certain aspects they have to keep in mind. The result then is hacks like ghost mode, wall hack, radar mod and instant mine hack. In the multiplayer game, it is not always advisable to use hacks. 

This is because the server's administrator may detect it hence banning the hacker from the game. However, in single player version cheats are frequently used. In the end, Minecraft hacks bring more fun and a whole new experience to the game; therefore, it would not do any harm if you could try it out from time to time.
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Minecraft Mods - Change the way you play!

After playing Minecraft for a long time, you might want to change, modify or add various things to your game (to make it more interesting).

Minecraft mods are exactly what you need to do this. Minecraft Mods have become very famous these days and has the capability to completely change the way it looks. 

However, this is not only about how your it will look, these mods will also help you develop and enhance your creativity in many ways. Also in addition, these mods will completely refresh the game so you do not get bored with the same game-play and style.

minecraft for free

So, if you are bored and tired of the same old Minecraft now is the right time to look for modifications. There are lots of options that offer various changes and styles and if you are unsure of what to get, let me enlighten you about some of the best options that you can go for.

1. Too Many Items Mod : This mod introduces very unique, yet helpful features like; easy access to everything inside the game. You get to have full access simply by scrolling through a list of items, blocks, unnatural and natural blocks, foods and much more.
Apart from this, this mod also offer various features like, Preset time change ability,
Game-mode change ability, Change of game difficulty, Delete option, filling of health and food, Weather toggling system etc.

2. Millenaire Mod NPC Village : This specific mod is so far considered to the most popular NPC mod. This mod enables you to add NPC villages to your game along with the capability to interact with the NPCs and upgrade the village into a town. In return, they prepare wool and cobblestone for you. 

minecraft mod

3.  Minecraft Planes Mod : As the name suggests this mod gives you wings! Here you can soar above the world of Minecraft on a plane exploring and competing with your friends in an air shooting. However, if you are the non violent kind you can also use the planes for cargo transportation.

4. Aether Mod : If you think your regular Minecraft has become too easy for you, now is the perfect time to try this Mod. The popular saying "Looks can be deceiving" applies well for this Mod. For all its twists and turns this Mod is a pretty interesting place to be, but also be prepared to annoyed, like islands going on forever and while pigs and moas are the key to getting around, both of them are very much hard to come across.

5.  Pig Grinder mod : Another fun mod where you would want to stick around just because how silly it is. This mod allows you to craft a Grinder which attaches itself to a pig allowing you grind out the pork from the pig. When you craft the grinder and get it attached to a pig, it drains the pork from the dead body of the pig and the pig explodes.

There are various other Minecraft mods to go with, but the above mentioned ones are the quite popular and entertaining. So if you are bored with how your Minecraft works and want to get a change, feel free to use any of these and have fun gaming!
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Basic Minecraft Tutorial - How to Get Better

There is nothing as irritating as having a prime game and you do not know how to play it.

It is even more frustrating if you happen to be competing with your friends and every time you are the looser. If you are such a person and are wondering how you can play Minecraft like a pro, you do not have worry any longer. 
Here is a step by step guide into some of the Minecraft game controls.
minecraft for free

For you to enjoy playing any game, you have to learn how to control different characters. The good part about learning this is that all the material you will ever need is found within the contol page of the game. On top of that these controls are not static, you can change them in the Options menu.

Movement Controls

In any game, you have to move your character if at all you have to complete the task at hand. In this game, the default movement keys are; W, S, A and D. When you press W once, the character moves forward, but when you hold it for a while the player sprints. In case you want to move backwards, S is the letter to press and it will get you there. 

A and D are used to move left and right in that order.
Sometimes during the game, you may want to jump to retrieve an object or even change direction. At other times you may want to breath in case you are swimming. 
To carry out all these operation all you need to do is press the Spacebar. Apart from walking, jumping and swimming, you may want to sneak on something or protect yourself from falling down ladders. Pressing the Left Shift key will do the magic in such situation.
minecraft tutorial

Action Keys

You do not have to move your character to look around. What you need to do is move the Mouse to the direction you are looking. 
If you want to break down or even mine blocks, all you need to do is hold the Left Mouse button. You can use this same button to collect all types of resources that you need and put them in your inventory.
If you want to use or place some where items that are highlighted in your inventory, the Right Mouse button is the key to use. 
This button is quite handy since it is the one you will use to do various other things such as building. When you press the button and hold it, you will be able to draw your bow and shoot or even to eat food that you already have.

Sometimes you may want to get a clear view of the scene before you. There are many ways you can go about this. One way is pressing key Q which will drop anything that you are holding. The other way is pressing F1 key which will toggle all the display information. You can also use the F5 key to change persons view from first person to the third.

Inventory Controls

 You can choose and arrange the items on your inventory hot bar. In Minecraft, pressing letter E opens up the inventory window. From here you can scroll through the items using the Mouse Wheel Cycles and decide on the items you would like on the hotbar.
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Hard Facts About Getting Premium Minecraft For Free - Different techniques explained

Lots of interest on Minecraft and zero cash to spend on it!

Is that your situation? 
Are you the admirer of this exciting game who has no chance at all of getting to play it? You are not alone. There are thousands more people with the same interests and the same limitations.

There are thousands more who are in great need and whose best hopes lie in free Minecraft. Is there premium Minecraft for free? A rather awkward question indeed! With all online gaming companies aiming at making profits on their sales, a look out for free games is a greatly peculiar adventure.
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So just how can free Minecraft premium be obtained? Is it really free? 

From the outset, the idea of free things has to be discarded. Some effort, however minimal, has to go into getting to play the game. No site, no company will offer anything without effort. Individuals interested in free games should therefore look out for advice on how to get the games easily and with least effort.

There are several sites that claim to offer Minecraft for free but only a few of them are credible.
Precaution and caution, scrupulous assessment and rigorous tests must be applied in testing the claims before giving these sites your precious time and trust. 
 Generally, credible sites will not promise huge earnings for doing nothing; they will not promise instant returns but a gradual increase in gains from using their sites. Your chances of success in getting Minecraft for free increases with effort and increased reward points.

Once you are satisfied that a site is credible and reputable, sign up and follow the processes in order to get your free Minecraft. A confirmation link message will be sent to your sign up email and you will be expected to follow the link in order to start taking tasks. Surveys are usually the most common tasks and you can buy virtually everything through the survey rewards system. 

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The other tasks include clicking on pages for points, signing up to websites, playing flash games, and many more simple tasks. It usually takes few minutes to earn 20 points, the minimum required to get Minecraft for free. 

Many people attest to over $300 in prizes after participating in the points system for only one week. Exquisitely useful sites have enjoyable forums that are replete with guiding posts on the offers, making the process of getting free games online easy and fast.

How can you ease your way through? Ensure that cookies are cleared off before taking survey offers. Also ensure that the pages load completely and that you use unique emails for each survey site. Never trust individuals who hand out keygens that offer free Minecraft activation codes. In the same manner, individuals should never be tempted to pirate.

When you set out to get free online games, remember that nothing comes without effort. Be prepared to work through the processes of getting credible sites, taking surveys and others tasks, and converting the points to gifts. The process is neither so complex nor so arduous for a passionate player. Get up, get on, and try out!
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Interesting facts and ideas about Minecraft

With new games being released more often, there is none that offers the flexibility and simplicity in as Minecraft.

It involves building with different blocks by placing and destroying the environment. While playing, it is a must that you take caution as there are evil creatures hiding in the dark. For this reason you have to build your own hideout before they pursue and eliminate you.

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This playing platform is also enjoyable when you involve the friends. For those who want to play as a team, they have the option of building many things they want while letting their imaginations to run wild and battling obstacles that might be lurking in the dark. For those who are brave enough then they can just travel to the Nether to find all the surprises.

Different versions

One of the most popular versions of Minecraft is the classic mode played or downloaded free from websites. However for those with money and can afford a different versions, then they can chose from the official survival or creative versions. 

The survival version requires one to collect different items and other resources such that you are in place to come up with food and tools used in coming up with safe structures to protect you from attackers.
 All this allow one to walk anywhere at any time but when the night comes, you have to control the gamer to only visit safer places, otherwise the mob will try to find and eliminate you.

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Some facts about Minecraft

First you move faster in water if encased with any other thing. When playing you just take about ten and a half minutes to smelt a stack of 64. In addition the sounds you hear when playing comes from people saying simple words like what is up, hello, hi and others which have been slowed down and distorted.

 Ideally the skeletons and zombies found on the sand cannot be burnt during the day. In the game it is hard to find the pumpkins as compared to diamonds, dandilions are easily found as compared to roses. When playing, using a tool for a different purpose apart from the intended use, it decreases their time or longevity with two points.

Since its introduction in the market and with new versions being created each time, it has allowed the compatibility in mobile devices. You can still get the latest version in the Xbox 360. The good thing that makes it possible to enjoy while playing is that players are able to make explorations, interactions and changes to dynamically generated maps of sizeable blocks.

 Apart from the small blocks, you can still find in the environment other features like the mobs, items as well as the plants. The various activities to carry out while playing include dealing with mobs that are hostile, building new blocks, or mining and collecting the resource used during various actions.

The software has been developed using open model system that allows different applications while on play.
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Different methods to get a free Minecraft account, premium version!

For sure, you are familiar with the latest video game craze that every boys and girls wanted to play with. 

Ever since Minecraft was released, almost everybody from around the world got hooked into this fun and addicting game. 
To fully enjoy the game, you should have an account, and that means you have to purchase it online. 

What if you don't have the money and the means to purchase the game? Will you just be contented to watch those people in the cafĂ© play the game? 
For sure, your hands are itching to play and enjoy the games as much as others do, right? 

free minecraft account



Well, worry not because you can certainly get a free Minecraft account without the hassle of buying it. Here's how:

• Get the account by filling out short surveys on the Internet. Since those surveys are short, it won't take you more than 30 minutes to finish one. By just giving out your opinion about something, you will be able to save $25 and at the same time get a free account in an instant. 

What's exciting about it is that those surveys don't have a limit. So, you'll be able to have as many surveys as you want to enjoy more versions of the games, as well as any games for that matter.

• Get the account by having a personal email id. For you to be able to get the free account, you must have an email address and id. There are websites that needed this information for you to have the account for free. 

The website sponsoring this will just ask for your email id and that's it, once your email id is electronically chosen, the system will give away a code for you to have your free account. 
No files to be downloaded and any personal information about yourself. So, you better check a legit website that offers this promo. You just have to remember that you only need one email id for one account.

• Search for an account generator. 
There are lots of Minecraft account generators that you can find on the Internet that won't require you of anything else. 

That is because the password and the email address that you will need will be delivered right into your software. No need to worry about these details.
 You just have to be sure that you downloaded the right version of the game to successfully play it on your computer or Xbox.

minecraft for free

Minecraft is truly addicting once you have played the free version of it already.

Just watching others play the game will already make you feel jealous, how much more if you get the chance to play the full version? 

For sure, you will have sleepless nights since you will be thinking of ways on how you can fully enjoy the game without the need to pay for it. 

With this information, getting an account on your most favorite game is now easy and most of all, it's absolutely free. You can also tell your friends about this information so you can play the game with them and enjoy it even more.

Remember, playing is more fun and enjoyable with your friends around, so tell them about what you have just learned and let them get a free Minecraft account now.

Hope you will scroll to the top and get Minecraft for free now!
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Minecraft Skins - Way to make it more fun!

If you like playing Role playing games (RPG), you should be familiar with Minecraft. It is a well known sandbox construction game, developed by Markus Persson.

This game is all about using your imagination and survival skills. You build your own shelter to protect yourself from monsters and other harmful creatures in the game. 

minecraft skin

The term "You" here refers to your in-game character and this game offers to let you decide how your own character should look. In other words, Minecraft allows its players to create and download several skins to make the game more interesting. 

What is a skin? 

It is basically how your character will look or appear to others. It is a great way to customize your character providing it an unique look and feel, making it different from others.

Minecraft Skins - PC

Changing of skin is only allowed if you have a premium account. All you have to do is go to the profile page where you can see your default skin and then upload a valid image file with png extension (containing the current skin that you want), doing so will replace the default skin with the currently uploaded one.

Even though there are a lot of skins available for downloads on the internet, you can create your own. 
Creating skins is easy, you can create your own with the help of Microsoft Paint or other image editing tools. You can also download various skin creators on the internet and develop a skin according to your preference.

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Minecraft Skins - xbox 360

There are various Skin packs made available for purchase on xbox 360. After the 1.7 update on xbox 360, a development studio named 4J studios have started to sell these packs.
There are 7 skin packs which are very popular among the players and consists various skins like, Barbarian, Red Spartan, Zombie Pigman, Prisoner etc.
There are also Halloween packs and Festive packs consisting of skins like Santa clause, Rudolph, Grinch etc.

Minecraft Capes

Also known as Cloaks are fashionable items that are worn in addition to character's skins. There are absolutely no ways of getting a cape for now, but there are several mods that let players to wear them. A few character skins from xbox 360 edition's Halloween package come with pre-installed capes.

These Minecraft skins/capes can be a great way to reflect your current mood according to your surroundings. You can use the Santa Clause during Christmas or dress up as Frankenstein on Halloween. You can even be a Witch doctor or an evil robot, a vampire girl, a pumpkin; or even a one-eyed Cyclopes.

So by adjusting your Minecraft skin packs, you can now play using all the new texture you want. Not only these new skins give more color to the game itself, but also prove to be effective in terms of providing new atmospheric experience throughout the different time spans of the day and also possibly different seasons. Having all these variations definitely makes Minecraft a little more interesting and fun.
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How To Make a Minecraft Server

Now that you have acquired and honed your skills on the single player mode of this multi-award winning game, Minecraft, its about time you try your hands on the multi player mode of the game. 

minecraft server

To play this mode of the game, you need to link up to a mine craft dedicated server, there are several, stable ones found all over the Internet.

Better yet you can create or host your own server that others can also join in to play. 
Lets look at how to make a Minecraft server and specifically if you are running a DOS based operating system (a fancy way of saying you are running a flavor of the Microsoft Windows OS). Before you even think of actually installing and running the Minecraft server, you should be aware that there are two versions of the server, an executable version (.exe) or a java (.jar) version.

To run the .jar version your PC must already be running Java, a well known and stable computing environment that the server will be running on, don't be alarmed; it is free from the developers website and as of this writing version 7 update 17 is the latest. 

I would not recommend this version for the average user because the installation and tweaking is much involving and is well suited for MAC and Linux users. The Java version of this server is still also at the beta stage of development.


Lets stick to the simple .exe version, head over to the Minecraft site and download the server, it is an executable file of less than 1Mb (it actually is just 802kb). Double click it to install and the server will start with the default settings. 

At this first run there is likely to be some error messages notably 'file not found' this is OK as the installation is still going on in the background. Once you restart the server or the PC, the error messages will cease to pop-up.

minecraft servers


Now that you have installed the server, you have to configure port forwarding on the router in order for the other players to be able to join to your server, also note your IP address. 

By default the connection port is 25565 but you can change it under the server properties file to whatever port, but be careful, opening ports might make your system vulnerable to intrusions and unwanted attacks.

When you restart your Minecraft server you are given an option to connect to a multi-player server, type "localhost" (without the quotes) if your server is the same computer you are playing on, otherwise enter the address information and click connect. 

Now just share your connection address (port number and IP) with your friends and you are ready to go building structures and exploring the Minecraft world.


op<playername> - to grant operator status to a player.
kick<playername> - to remove aplayer from the server.
list - show currently connected players.
ban <playername> - add a player to the servers blacklist.
pardon <playername> - remove a previously banned player from the blacklist.
stop - shutdown the server.
save-all - write pending changes on the world to disk.
tell<playername><message> - to send a private message to a player.
help - to show a full list of available commands.
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